Auditing a geomodeling project

Course facts

Duration: 1 day
Type: Classroom
Certificate: Issued upon completion


This self-contained course focuses on how to review an existing geomodel. The goal is not to know if the model is correct or not, in the sense of representing the reality of the reservoir. More modestly, the goal is to reverse engineering the geomodel and understand what data was used, what methodology and to see if the resulting model align with the general understanding the team has about the reservoir.

Duration and Training Method

This one day course is a lecture course. The day will leave plenty of time for discussion between the students and the instructor. The goal being to ensure any given session of this course is tailored as best as possible to the students’ specific work situation. The instructor will remain available for individual discussion in the weeks following the course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how to decompose a geomodel into its individual component in relationship with the different steps of the geomodeling workflow which was used to build that geomodel.
  • Understand what to document in a report about a geomodeling project so as to allow future audit of the work.

Course Content

  • Introduction to the course and how it ties with the whole geomodeling workflow introduced course after course by GMDK.
  • Auditing a geomodel described only in a report or a publication.
  • Auditing a geomodel available as a set of exported objects (workflow setup not available).
  • Auditing a geomodeling stored in a software project like a Petrel project or a SKUA-GOCAD project (in which the workflow setup is available).

Who Should Attend

Anyone geoscientist, engineer or manager who don’t build geomodels but need to review the geomodel built by their team’s geomodeler or by another geomodeler (farm in situation for example).

Any geomodeler who is involved in peer-reviewing others’ geomodel. Any geomodeler who has to document a geomodel they built or to resume a geomodeling project started by others.

Don’t hesitate to contact GMDK if want to discuss how this course could be useful to your specific situation. If GMDK can’t accommodate your specific needs, we will do our best to orient you towards other sources of knowledge.


Very basic understanding of geomodeling: the general workflow (data gathering, structure, 3D grid building, 3D property modeling) and some understanding about the objects being created surfaces, 3D grid, properties populated in the 3D grid).


Thomas Jerome. Director of GMDK and 20+year geomodeling expert. See Thomas’ LinkedIn profile for more details.

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