I have the knowledge and experience to help your team in all aspects of geomodeling. A consulting contract can be anything from a few hours to a few days, weeks or even months. Whatever fits your project requirements.
This page focuses on the consulting I can do for you. Please refer to the training page for the list of courses I teach.

Let's discuss how I can be of service Contact

For what tasks can I be of assistance?

Audit geomodel?

Peer review

Your team has built a geomodel and you want someone to conduct an independent peer review of it. You might just want to confirm that everything was done to a high standard. Or you might have found that you model doesn't properly capture the characteristics of your reservoir and you need someone to help see why and give advices on how or why.

Decipher a geomodel

You received information about a geomodel built by another team or another company, or perhaps maybe an undocumented geomodeling project or even just a report about it and you need to understand how this model was built. I can help to bring clarity or anwer your questions.

Grow your team's geomodeling expertise?

Understand how geomodeling can help you

If your team has no experience in geomodeling, it might be daunting to know if and how geomodels can be of help. The best approach is to bring an experienced geomodeler to evaluate the situation and build a plan with you to integrate geomodeling into your workflows.

Evaluating geomodeling packages

Purchasing geomodeling software is an expensive investment.You must make sure you have the right tool for your geomodeling needs. You must first understand what geomodeling challenges your reservoirs will bring. From there, a proper evaluation of several geomodeling software options can be done using a part of your data as a test.

Mentor junior geomodelers

Your team might include people with some experience in geomodeling, but not enough to take on a project from beginning to end. Mentoring by a senior geomodeler will give a chance to your people to grow their skills while building geomodels for you.


Sometimes, a few courses on specific geomodeling-related topics might be all your team needs to move forward with its geomodeling projects. Our selection of geomodeling courses might be just what you are looking for.

Building a geomodel?

Define a geomodeling workflow

You have technical people able to build a geomodel but you feel you can use some help in managing the project itself. Tasks will include defining the overall geomodeling workflow with your team, monitoring the progress and ensuring that the objectives are met (deliverables, schedule...). I can provide management and technical services to move your project forxard and keep it on track.

Building a geomodel

You know you need a geomodel but you don't have the resources to do it. You need someone to build it for you.

How many consultants do you need?

One geomodeler?

I've worked on many projects as a geomodeler integrated into my client's asset team. The goal for such projects is to quickly understand the dynamics of the team to quickly provide efficiencies in integrating their interpretations and their data into the geomodel. I can work onsite or remotely to fit your specific situation.

A geomodeling team?

I know many geomodelers, somey Calgary-based, and others living across the globe. I'll be able to build a geomodeling team to match your specific requirements.

A geoscience and/or engineering team?

I'm routinely collaborating with some brilliant consultants in all aspects of geoscience and engineering. I can recommend a team of experts to complete the geoscience or engineering project you have in mind, with or without a geomodeling component.

Which geomodeling package should you choose?


I have 5 years of experience using all aspects of Petrel.


I have 15 years of experience with GOCAD and SKUA.


I'll find an expert geomodeler in my contacts with the right expertise in case you need the geomodel to be built in another software.

You have no preference?

I'll pick the right tool for your project.

You need advices on geomodeling software?

I'll work with you to understand what geomodeling challenges you will be facing and to recommend which software and which modules of this software you'll need.

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