Calgary O&G Events

Events organized by O&G professional associations in Calgary.
Should be of interest for geomodelers and non-geomodelers alike.
More details below the calendar.
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Calgary is home of many scientific associations with focus on some aspects of the O&G business. They organize many events all year long, most of them being either free or accessible for a small amount. These events are the occasion for each of us to keep an eye on what other fields are doing and bring back that experience in the team work with do in our respective companies. These events are also the occasion to network with others from the industry and the academic world.

Keeping track of everything going on is a challenge as the information is spread across multiple newsletters. I created this calendar to help me keep track about everything going on in town. I then realized that this information could also help others in Calgary and this is the reason Iā€™m making it public.

This calendar lists the activity proposed by the following associations:

Refer to their websites to know more about each association and join them if you can. These societies are central to our O&G community in Calgary. Joining them is the best way to show our appreciation for their hard work and to make sure they continue for many years.

Each event in this calendar contains a link to the association organizing it. Follow this link for registration and for knowing all the details about the event.
GMDK is not responsible for the organization of any of these events. If you have any question about a specific event, please contact the organizer directly. GMDK is also not responsible of the accuracy of the information provided by each organizer. At last, GMDK makes no revenues by providing this calendar to the community.

I will update this calendar every weekend based on the latest information available online.
Links to past events might be off as organizers often remove webpages once an event is over.

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