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Geostatistics for Seismic Data Integration in Earth Models


This book will help geoscientists to understand how geostatistics fits into their workflow, what tools and techniques they should use, and what added value may result. Geostatistics is now used not only in reservoir characterization but also in velocity analysis, time-to-depth conversion, seismic inversion, uncertainty quantification, and seismic data integration in earth models. The 279-page book, part of the 2003 'SEG/EAGE Distinguished Instructor Short Course' includes sections on covariance and the variogram, interpolation, heterogeneity modeling, uncertainty quantification, and geostatistical inversion.


30 pagesIntroduction
33 pagesThe Covariance and the Variogram
75 pagesInterpolation: Kriging, Cokriging, Factorial Kriging, and Splines
54 pagesConditional Simulation for Heterogeneity Modeling and Uncertainty Quantification
25 pagesGeostatistical Inversion
25 pagesStochastic Earth Modeling That Integrates All Subsurface Uncertainties
7 pagesConclusions
3 pagesExercises

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