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Statistical Methods for Estimating Petroleum Resources


This book describes procedures for determining the total hydrocarbon (petroleum) resource or resource potential in a region. Statistical concepts and methods employed in petroleum resource assessment are the subject of the manuscript, extensively illustrated by numerous real case studies. Prof. Lee's computer-aided Petroleum Information Management and Resource Evaluation System (PETRIMES) methodology has been adopted by governments around the world and by major multinational oil companies to perform resource assessment and to predict future oil and gas production. Though this methodology is so widely used, there is no "user's guide" to it, and this book will be the definitive resource for PETRIMES users.


7-25Evaluation Models
26-60Estimating Mature Plays
61-105More About Discovery Process Models
106-139Evaluating Conceptual Plays
140-151Estimation Update and Feedback Procedures
152-173Other Assessment Methods- An Overview
174-175Concluding Remarks
176-199Appendix A: Estimation of Superpopulation Parameters from a Successively Sampled Finite Population
200-202Appendix B: Nonparametric Procedure for Estimating Distributions
203-207Appendix C: The Largest Procedure for Estiamating Distributions
208-212Appendix D: Pool Size Conditional to Pool Ranks

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