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Fundamentals of Gas Shale Reservoirs


Provides comprehensive information about the key exploration, development and optimization concepts required for gas shale reservoirs
  • Includes statistics about gas shale resources and countries that have shale gas potential
  • Addresses the challenges that oil and gas industries may confront for gas shale reservoir exploration and development
  • Introduces petrophysical analysis, rock physics, geomechanics and passive seismic methods for gas shale plays
  • Details shale gas environmental issues and challenges, economic consideration for gas shale reservoirs
  • Includes case studies of major producing gas shale formations


1-19Gas Shale
21-45Organic Matter-Rich Shale Depositional Environments
47-69Geochemical Assessment of Unconventional Shale Gas Resource Systems
71-88Sequence Stratigraphy of Unconventional Resource Shales
89-116Pore Geometry in Gas Shale Reservoirs
117-137Petrophysical Evaluation of Gas Shale Reservoirs
139-167Pore Pressure Prediction for Shale Formations Using Well Log Data
169-190Geomechanics of Gas Shales
191-205Rock Physics Analysis of Shale Reservoirs
207-244Passive Seismic Methods for Unconventional Resource Development
245-266Gas Transport Processes in Shale
267-282A Review of the Critical Issues Surrounding the Simulation of Transport and Storage in Shale Reservoirs
283-300Performance Analysis of Unconventional Shale Reservoirs
301-323Resource Estimation for Shale Gas Reservoirs
325-339Molecular Simulation of Gas Adsorption in Minerals and Coal
341-359Wettability of Gas Shale Reservoirs
361-380Gas Shale Challenges Over the Asset Life Cycle
381-395Gas Shale Environmental Issues and Challenges

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