8.1 Introduction

This last chapter on engineers and geomodeling focuses on production engineers. More precisely, it focuses on production data and production engineers.

Indeed, the first section try to answer one question: why is it so hard to constrain a geomodel to production data? That section can be seen like an extension of the topics covered in the chapter 7 on reservoir engineers and geomodeling.

The second part of this chapter investigates various aspects of geomechanics: restoring geomodels, modeling the geomechanical properties of the rocks, capturing the team understanding about natural fractures and at last, feeding input to fracture modeling.

Table of contents


Chapter 1 - Overview of the Geomodeling Workflow

Chapter 2 - Geostatistics

Chapter 3 - Geologists and Geomodeling

Chapter 4 - Petrophysicists and Geomodeling

Chapter 5 - Geophysicists and Geomodeling

Chapter 6 - Reservoir Engineers and Geomodeling

Chapter 7 - Reserve Engineers and Geomodeling

Chapter 8 - Production Engineers and Geomodeling

Chapter 9 - Managers and Geomodeling


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